Look For What You Want To See.
Everyone is capable of greatness
Just stay open to the possibilities,
stay true to yourself,
and let go of fear.

I help conscious entrepreneurs and companies

to enter into deep connection and co-creativity.

This is what opens doors, brings lasting and

sustainable income, clients, adventure,

relationships, fulfillment & success.
I believe it’s time to move from the realm of goal

setting and accomplishments into fulfilling our

destiny using a spiritual, feminine approach to

entrepreneurship.My work is centered on the

empowerment and focused intention of your

desired outcomes. Your Business Of Abundance.

Recent Client Wins:

 *Built a new product marketing program for a

mindfulness coach- he booked 7 new clients in one week

*Took a struggling arts agency with a new service for artists

form zero to 6 figures in 90 days by creating an automated

sales/enrollment funnel and aggressive

content marketing plan.

I am a certified digital marketing specialist, focusing on Content Marketing & Brand Identity.
Through a well-rounded career journey of over 25 years-9+ years in an Ad Agency setting, 3 successful entrepreneurial ventures, successful non-profit campaign development/admin, and experience in health, education, business, publishing and fashion industries-along with a wealth of experience as a producer, promoter, and recording artist in the entertainment industry. My experience includes work with award-winning experiential marketing programs, events, and a wide array of promotional campaigns.I  am adept at social media, digital and traditional media amplification, content and data capture, and I have a passion for conscious entrepreneurism, co-creative community endeavors & immersive experience.

Personally, I am a devotee of the Divine Feminine, fabric arts, new media, technology and the arts. When I'm not helping my clients, I'm crafting new apparel and fabric art, writing sci-fi short stories, riding motorcycles, & singing in a rock band. I am a native Vermonter, living in San Francisco with my partner.

Who I am

Jennifer Bair Presents

professional philosophy


I offer a range of business empowerment consulting services, all designed to help your business venture reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak

or complete marketing suite, I have you covered. My services are available a la carte one-on-one mentoring, or DIY programs, so you can get precisely what you need.


​Crafting a plan to take you there
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